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Invest in the cooking revolution: CookUP ICO is live at midnight CET, May 5th

We are excited to announce that the CookUp ICO is live now. CookUp is the first ICO related to cooking that will enable anyone who loves to cook to offer their services on the market, create opportunities for new jobs and healthy eating habits, and help fight world hunger.

Love to cook or eat?

Great! We believe this is an excellent opportunity for you to join us and help this cooking revolution to happen!

We have developed the concept of CookUp based on the idea that every one of us has the right to enjoy a quality and healthy meal without needing to spend time on food preparation. Also, we believe that cooking enthusiasts should be able to offer food and their cooking skills, organize dining events or share knowledge, and make additional income, without the need for big investments.

Why invest?

First of all, CHEF token will be generated in the limited quantity of 630 million tokens. As a utility token, the CHEF token will be listed on relevant cryptocurrency exchanges, and tradable through purchase and sale, so its value will be determined by the market. Since we aim to be a global platform, demand for the CHEF tokens will rise over time and since their quantity is limited it’s price will follow the trend.

It is important to know that unsold coins during ICO will be burned and CookUp won’t create any additional CHEF tokens after the end of CookUp ICO. If the soft cap isn’t reached the funds will be returned to the contributors.

The reason why the purchase of CHEF tokens is even more interesting during the ICO is that you can earn up to 35% bonus! The bonus level depends on the time and the amount of your investment.


First come, first served!

We wish for the CookUp investor community to be as diverse as possible and we feel that this bonus structure will be the most rewarding for all and will make your investing job easier. Hurry up and get a higher bonus!

And it gets even better!

We also plan to distribute free CHEF Tokens through Airdrop Events so stay tuned to find out when and how you can participate!

How to invest

Interested? Check our step-by-step guide.


Let’s cook it up together!