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introducing CookUp

Alemşah Öztürk, welcome to CookUp team!

To write or read about a person whose specialities are Blockchain, ICOs, Creative direction, planning, strategic thinking, blogging, also playing games, designing user experiences, finding absurd and funny ideas that work, and above all making people, clients and team happy, is really inspiring - but to have Alemşah Öztürk at CookUp team is more than valuable.
If you visit Alemşah Ozturk blog or social media profiles, you will find lots of interesting things, huge community (330k+ followers on Twitter), and you will probably notice his title Happiness Chief Officer! Yes, it means that he is taking care of business culture where employees are happy! But that is just one interesting part of his bio.

Alemşah Ozturk is also CEO at 4129Grey, CookUp Marketing advisor, angel investor to 15+ startups and advisor for several ICOs and blockchain projects.

Alemşah co-founded 41? 29! In February 2007 and works for global brands such as Ülker, Microsoft, Unilever, Renault, GSK, BBVA and so on. In May 2015, Alemsah Ozturk became the new CEO of 4129Grey, merging Grey Istanbul Advertising Agency and 41? 29! Digital Advertising agency into a new fully integrated communication agency.

Before 41? 29! he founded several agencies which made him the youngest creative director in Turkey at the age of 24. Alemşah’s work on prestigious accounts over the last 15 years has been honoured at Cannes Lions, the Clio Awards, Eurobest, Golden Drum, D&AD, Webby awards and many others. He has served as a jury in Cannes Lions, Golden Drum, New York Festivals and several other local & global award shows.

Alemşah is also a very influential speaker and is sought after by many organisations such as TEDx, and international creativity conferences.

But that's not all - while he isn’t working on creative projects, he tries to finish his next book. To the person who has such a strong passion for digital, and beliefs that ideas matter without borders we can only say - CookUp team welcomes you!

Let's cook it up together!

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