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CookUp PoC is officially over - ICO is very close

During our Proof of Care period 1000+ people registered and joined the CookUp community.
Now it is time to evaluate all of the PoCs and make a final leaderboard. We'll be giving 400.000 CHEF tokens for the 1st place and the last 100th place will get 5000 CHEF tokens.

All of the participants with PoC points will be divided into 3 tiers and will get bonuses for investing in the ICO which starts on May 5th.

Following the successful completion of Proof of Care tonight, the CookUp Team would like to extend our gratitude to those who contributed and introduce a new Bonus Structure for the following CookUp ICO starting May 5th.

We wish for the CookUp investor Community to be as diverse as possible, so in a true spirit of inclusiveness of our platform, we feel that this new Bonus Structure will be the most rewarding for all and will make your investing job easier!


We strongly believe CookUp will bring revolution through its sharing economy model and we invite you all to invest in the ICO!

Thank you for your support so far and let's cook it up together!
CookUp Team

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